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Blue Groups are Ready for Take Off

As a lifelong night owl, I rarely see 5:00 am on the clock. When those big red digits stare me down, I struggle to drag myself out of bed and be functional. But sometimes, it’s totally worth the discomfort. This morning I embraced that precious hour to hop a flight at Dulles Airport and head to Chicago. During takeoff the sun rose and lit up the city in a gorgeous display of golden tones. The highways and roads were already bustling with the beginnings of rush hour. As we ascended I could picture my neighbors in Fairfax County overcoming the tiny chaos that comes with shaking off sleep, grabbing breakfast, packing lunches, checking traffic, and heading off to work. Then something happened. Our plane rose above the cloud layer and everything changed. The urban movement stopped. Intellectually, I realize that I am barreling through the sky at a much faster clip that I have ever achieved on 66 (with or without HOV), but this is a totally different feeling. It’s the “40,000 foot perspective” of order, peacefulness, and unmistakable beauty.

What in the world does this have to do with Blue groups? Well, this is your boarding call! At Blue we cast a vision for a better way to work and a more integrated faith that reaches from Sunday to Monday, and Tuesday, and onward. We want to give you an opportunity to set aside a time and place to explore exactly where you are going and discuss the challenging chaos, the uncomfortable stuff, and the day to day routine with peers who are walking beside you in each vocational channel. Even more, we want to provide an opportunity to share with one another ways in which we see God at work, providing refuge, rest, and restoration.

We each have a lot of demands on our time and opportunities to grow both professionally and in our faith. Joining a Blue group might feel exciting, or it might feel downright uncomfortable. But I hope that you will take the opportunity to get both the close-up and “40,000 foot perspective”. This is not a small group in the traditional sense. There is no formal curriculum or bible study, but we encourage each group to structure their conversations around their professions and specialties.

Want to join, host, or lead a Blue Group in one of these areas?

  • Arts & Entertainment: Artists, Film, Literature, Music, Fine/Performing Arts, Sports, Theater, Video Games
  •  Business: Advertising, Marketing, PR, E-commerce, Retailers, Services, Finance, Investment, Securities, Legal, Technology, Biotech, Science, Medicine
  •  Church: Church, Para-church, Religious
  •  Education: Public, Private, Charter, College, University, Graduate, Adult, Continuing Ed
  •  Government: Executive, Judicial, Legislative, Military, Public Policy, Advocacy Groups
  •  Media: Television, Radio, Publishing, Newspapers, Internet
  •  Social Sector: Non-profit, Foundations, Counseling/Caregiving, Family/Home

Want to know more? Email us at bluegroups @ and let us know what channel you are interested to meet with.


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Hi My Friend,

​​​I’d like to invite you to join me on March 24 & 25​ at Blue Conference
Blue is a two-day ​event​ designed to engage people thoughtfully in difficult conversations through curated talks​ (think Ted Talks). Together we’ll explore the ideas shaping our culture and ​explore how​ to find answers in a changing culture​ and embody the gospel in this moment.​ ​ I think you’ll enjoy the conference so I already purchased a ticket for you. Here is a sample of the topics and speakers:

· Sexual Brokenness and the Hope of the Gospel // Steve Arterburn
· Race, Faith and Hope for America // Dr. Michael Waters
· Rediscovering God: Reconciling Faith and Science // Mike McHargue
· The Science of Feeding the World // Dr. Hongda Chen
· Parenting in a Digital Age // Dr. Steven Argue
· Q & A – Refugees and Politics

Please let me know if you can join me as soon as possible.

Your Friend