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Launch Day!

By February 19, 2014Announcements

3…2…1… blast off! We launched today!

The Blue conference is all about restoring culture. As amazing as our gathering will be, we thought it might take a little more conversation, learning, and shared experience to unpack this idea and integrate it into our daily lives. Enter, the Blue Blog! This will be a place for both conference attendees and those interested in the restorative culture movement to share ideas. Here is what you can expect to find.

Mondays: Thank God It’s Monday
Yes, really. Share a quick moment of gratitude, a laugh, or a quote to get the week going.

Work it Out
Original content from FCC and the surrounding community to highlight ideas and themes consistent with Blue ideas.

Change the Channel
Information and networking opportunities that is specifically focused on one of the vocational channels.

Throwback Thursday (During pre-conference season)
Our opportunity to pay homage to the ideas that shook the blue seats. Join us in remembering conference highlights, or experience topics that you missed the first time around.

You will also see a few floating categories that pop up when the Blue team has stuff to share.

Office Hours (During pre-conference season)
Meet the speakers for this year’s Blue conference.


Things you need to know to maximize the Blue conference experience.

We’re looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

The Blue Blog Team

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Hi My Friend,

​​​I’d like to invite you to join me on March 24 & 25​ at Blue Conference
Blue is a two-day ​event​ designed to engage people thoughtfully in difficult conversations through curated talks​ (think Ted Talks). Together we’ll explore the ideas shaping our culture and ​explore how​ to find answers in a changing culture​ and embody the gospel in this moment.​ ​ I think you’ll enjoy the conference so I already purchased a ticket for you. Here is a sample of the topics and speakers:

· Sexual Brokenness and the Hope of the Gospel // Steve Arterburn
· Race, Faith and Hope for America // Dr. Michael Waters
· Rediscovering God: Reconciling Faith and Science // Mike McHargue
· The Science of Feeding the World // Dr. Hongda Chen
· Parenting in a Digital Age // Dr. Steven Argue
· Q & A – Refugees and Politics

Please let me know if you can join me as soon as possible.

Your Friend